Architects and Engineers


Complexity requires a clear overview

At IC-L, qualified consulting is the basis for ensuring that every construction project is perfectly planned and implemented. We are qualified in the following areas of planning, implementation and inspection:

  • Industrial construction
  • Structural engineering
  • Bridge construction
  • Construction of office and commercial buildings
  • Construction of laboratory and test centres
  • Building redevelopment

In short, this comprehensive expertise makes IC-L the ideal partner when it comes to bringing together different engineering and architectural requirements in complex construction projects.

A small sample of our services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost estimates
  • Insulation certificates
  • Structural calculations
  • Fatigue verifications
  • Preparing tender documents
  • Obtaining and analysing tenders
  • Construction management and project coordination
  • Project management services
  • Cost, scheduling and supplemental services management
  • Preparation of structural engineering reports


Versatility requires good organisation: How we coordinate your project

In every project, there are many phases, works and specialist teams that need to be coordinated to ensure that all jobs, including those arising unexpectedly, can be completed quickly and expertly. As you would expect, we take care of this complex coordination process. A contact partner assumes overall responsibility for any or all of the relevant tasks, including – as required –project development, calls for tenders, construction management, auditing, and warranty inspection. As the project manager, the contact partner coordinates and optimises the interactions of all areas of activity – on both a national and international level. In this way, we ensure that our clients have to deal with fewer partners, benefit from greater transparency and, above all, have time for the things that really matter.


Different countries, the same quality:
National standards, implemented internationally

No matter whether we are working for private or institutional clients, no matter how different the projects may be, no matter where in the world we are managing them: we take an individual approach while meeting the same high standards and being in compliance with local codes and regulations. At all stages, we adhere to HOAI specifications. The HOAI (the German Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers) defines the standards of basic evidence-based evaluation, preplanning and cost calculation, draft planning, structural analysis, approval and scheduling planning, awarding of contracts, implementation and documentation.

In short, no matter where we are operating, we adhere to recognised technical regulations and national and international standards – all with a clear focus on German efficiency.


A variety of requirements, a single impressive solution:
Combining safety, cost-effectiveness and aesthetics

With challenging functional conditions, exacting technical specifications and not least, aesthetic considerations, a diverse range of requirements come together in each and every project. This is particularly true with the highly complex requirements of structural planning. We enjoy the challenge of meeting these often conflicting requirements, and we find it stimulating every time to develop a solution that is fully satisfactory in every respect – especially for our clients.


For the world of tomorrow - resource-conserving, 
sustainable, efficient and last but not least, aesthetic –
already designed and planned digitally through to fabrication.

Structures or structural elements made of wood can be an answer to our world’s resource scarcity. We can help you to implement timber construction projects by providing competent planning and design.You should involve us in the project planning from an early stage to ensure smooth development and erection of timber structures.In this way you can exhaust all the advantages of this type of construction, particularly those of industrial prefabrication.

Our core expertise includes industrial construction, in which we are pleased to point out opportunities for using sustainable timber construction usefully and economically, and then plan and design the solution through to readiness for implementation. We will also be pleased to help you to plan and design  multi-storey, inner-city residential and office buildings, child day care centres, kindergartens, schools as well as buildings for commerce, trade, skilled trades, production and sports made of timber.


A good plan deserves realistic visualisation:
Step inside the building before it’s even been built

Even with exact measurements, plentiful figures, and scale drawings, it is generally only specialists who are able to tell from plans and architectural drawings on paper what the project will eventually look like.
This is why we prefer to present these plans in the form of three-dimensional visualisations and animations, in which clients can actually move around, albeit virtually. A tour on the monitor gives clients a great impression of what their planned building will look like in reality.


The future is more than just tomorrow:
Planning for years to come

A building’s technical installations are a key indicator of how well-equipped it is to face the future. In this and many other related areas, we take the entire life cycle of your building into account, and we do so with an interdisciplinary approach. Many changes – e.g. rising energy costs and a growing awareness of energy issues – can already be predicted at the planning stages.
Good planning today creates a secure foundation for meeting the operating costs and property demand of tomorrow. We offer the technical building visualisation as part of the general planning and cooperate with competent experts in this field.

Our individual overall concepts ensure that our projects are:

  • Resource-friendly,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Energy-efficient
  • Easy to operate and maintain.

Only then can you be sure that your new building will be fit for the long term – and enjoy long-term success.



Warning: construction work in progress.
Safety needs to be planned too

Safety is a key factor in construction projects. In this area too, we adhere to strict standards and provide comprehensive health and safety coordination services for our clients in accordance with the German Construction Site Ordinance (Baustellenverordnung) while taking into account both customer and local requirements. We undertake all planning and other activities, such as issuing advance notice, carrying out a precise risk analysis, producing a health and safety catalogue, and defining guidelines for future maintenance work.
After all – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.